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Mental Well Being

Many dogs’ that have been through the trauma of an accident, injury or complicated surgery, after serious injury or surgery, repeated anaesthetics and hospitalisation, strong pain relieving medication and tedious days or even weeks on cage rest, they often become very depressed and miserable.

We can aim to improve their mental well-being with a relaxed, friendly and caring atmosphere as it is vital for their successful recovery.

When they realise that hydrotherapy can be quite an enjoyable experience. It is a well-known fact in humans and animals that a positive mental attitude is an important factor for a speedy recovery.

A depressed person or dog is more likely to give up mentally and physically. Cheering up owners is just as important. Dogs are sensitive to feelings around them and everyone needs to be positive and encouraging.

We also have a number of dogs that initially came for hydrotherapy and rehabilitation and now just come for fun and fitness. Time after time we hear how they become excited as soon as the swimming bag appears and that they seem to have an increased zest for life.

We truly believe that hydrotherapy and therapeutic exercise is an ideal way of ensuring that the quality of life of every one of our dogs is as good as it possibly can be, given their individual circumstances.