Canine Hydrotherapy & Massage, Manchester, UK

Healthy Hounds Therapies

Healthy Hounds: Specialists in Canine Hydrotherapy and Therapeutic Canine Massage.

Here at Healthy Hounds we specialise in Canine Hydrotherapy and Therapeutic Canine Massage

Canine Massage is a remedial therapy that helps to resolve muscular and soft tissue injures removing debilitating knots or trigger100_2420 points and helps rehabilitate injuries by breaking down scar tissue caused by daily living actives.

Massage also helps to support orthopaedic conditions such as Arthritis, Hip and Elbow Dysplasia and Cruciate Ligament Injuries it is also a form of natural pain relief.

Canine hydrotherapy is a water based exercise that is low impact and non-weight bearing, making it ideal for pets that have undergone intensive surgery.

Swimming is a great way to exercise muscles and  remove the stresses and strains placed on limbs and tendons through land based exercise. Hydrotherapy can be used in the treatment of osteoarthritis, orthopedic conditions, neurological conditions, muscle, ligament and other soft tissue injuries. It can also help with general convalescence and fitness, but a lot of owners bring their dog purely because they love to swim with us.299875_10150403712567619_83033587_n

Our Hydrotherapy Pool

Our indoor pool is 15ft x 7ft and 4ft deep and heated to a warm 29 -30 Celsius, just right for stimulating the flow of blood to the muscles.

The pool has under water jets to create an adjustable current to swim against and a viewing window set in the pool so you can also see the movement of your dog in the pool.

Assisted Swims

We offer assisted swims at no extra charge, meaning one of our trained hydrotherapists accompanies your dog into the water. This has several benefits, from allowing us to ensure your dog is using all four legs correctly and evenly whilst also having a calming, reassuring and comforting effect on your dog.

12 Years Hydrotherapy Experience

Our hydrotherapists have over 12 years of experience and are constantly training to ensure you and your pet receive the most up to date and effective program available.311723_10150403660687619_1327738096_n

We welcome any dog no matter what size, breed or age, so why not come and have a look around we are open from 12.00pm until 9pm Wednesday to Friday and 9am until 6pm at weekends, we will be more than happy to show you around our hydrotherapy suite and answer any questions you might have concerning your dog.

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