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  1. My chocolate lab called George has had a ruff year since the beginning of 2014 with a few operations on the back of his legs. But the staff at healthy hounds have always made him feel welcome and special.. he misses the staff and the swimming a lot but we always keep in touch with them and we always remember the help they’ve given for George to be here today. Thank you soo much

  2. Eddie our 3 year old bulldog is suffering from a bit of juvenile arthritis in his back legs. He went for his first swim with life jacket this week. The whole team were wonderful. Eddie was safe and enjoyed his first swim and will be back for me next week. Cannot say enough about the treatment he has received at a ridiculously reasonable price. Lisa’s assessment of him was spot on. Just do it and book you best friend in!

  3. 10/10 Brought my two agility dogs Henri and Bella for a fun swim they loved it so much once they got used to it, can’t wait for them to come along again next week, the girls were fantastic and really helpful, will definetly be bringing my puppy German Shepherd for a swim as well not sure will be as confident as the other two.

  4. Following three months of treatment by the R.S.P.C.A hospitial in salford for injuries suffered by uncontrolled dogs, I took him to healthy hounds to support the effort’s of the animal hospitial . limited to four five minutes walks a day, due to his injuries. He had been reduced to this from six ro seven hours a day. Quality of life was not very good
    for him, A matter of week’s and he is back to a couple of hour’s walking, his personality is back and he is looking great. When you consider he doesn,t like water, and will walk round a puddle. All I can say ladies is thank you for giving me back my friend , companion,and from past experience my protector. Thank you for all you have done for Snowz.!!

    Mr. C.Penny.

  5. I took my two Bassets to Healthy Hounds to find out if they could swim because they are not known for being good in water. Thanks very much for your patience and understanding (especially with the owners). I just want to add they love it and go once a week from now on. Thanks.

  6. george our choc lab had his first medical swim on thursday xx totally loved it xxxx

  7. We knew Lisa and Abbie because they used to swim our 17 year old mongrel, Fudge. Even though Fudge did not enjoy his swims, he needed to swim to help his arthritis. Lisa and Abbie were brilliant and encouraged Fudge all the way. Unfortunately we lost Fudge in August 2012 when his kidneys failed.

    We now have a German Shepherd puppy Rosie, who is 12 weeks old. After she completed her vaccinations we checked with the vet about taking her swimming. Abbie introduced Rosie to the water in such a kind and loving way, that Rosie had no fear at all. She did several laps on her first swim with rests in between each lap. Rosie seemed to enjoy it and wasn’t in the least bit stressed, in fact she wasn’t even out of breath.

    We thoroughly recommend Lisa and Abbie and Rosie will certainly be returning as she grows. We wish you both every success in your new venture.

  8. Took Amber for the first time today and I can safely say that the girls have done a great job and hope the business becomes very successful, thanks.

  9. THE BEST HYDROTHERAPISTS EVER! Yes I did just shout it because it’s true. I have 2 dogs, Harvey is a Dalmation cross Weimaraner so is a natural waterbaby. I also have Luna who is a staffie cross, so you can imagine, she’s not so keen, she even avoids puddles when it’s been raining! Lisa and Abbie are so good at what they do it only took 3 assisted swims to get Luna to jump in on her own. Now she loves diving in and races Harvey to the toys. Book in with these two and you wont be disappointed!!
    Love you guys and hope everything goes swimmingly (sorry)!

  10. I started my dogs swimming over 9 years ago after an introduction to fun swims by. Lisa Holland and have been taking my dogs ever since. My Rottweilers benefited greatly from the exercise and they absolutely loved their weekly swim, I also benefited as I had clean dogs ready for each dog show.
    On a personal note Lisa is exceptionally knowledgeable on anything canine yet very personal and over the years has given me plenty training and medical advice with regards to my dogs. I truly wish Lisa and abbie all the luck in the world with her new venture.

  11. I started swimming Charlie in December 2011 following TPLO surgery to repair his cruciate ligament on his right hind leg. He has the surgery in the October, and was being slow to weight bear on his operated leg (due to his love of traveling everywhere at a million miles an hour and his leg was getting in the way!). The vet suggested trying hydrotherapy with him as a means to get him using that leg without having to weight bear. Again, as Charlie is a nervy dog, Lisa took her time getting him used to everything and trying to encourage him with soft squeaky toys. After just a couple of swims, he started to weight bear on that leg, and we have never looked back.
    Due to the success of Charlie’s swims, we decided to try it with our elderly German shepherd, Shara, who at the age of 13 has started to slow down and lose muscle tone in her back legs. She really enjoys her swims and loves nothing more than swimming after her Kong Wubba! She is definitely more lively after she has had a swimming session and she enjoys it as well.

  12. I would like to say a massive thank you to Lisa for all her care and support with Benson while swimming. When Benson first started swimming he was very nervous of the pool and new surroundings. Lisa was very patient with him and easily adapted to make things easier for Benson to settle in. Lisa took the time and effort to support Benson and with her love and encouragement Benson soon began to enjoy his swims. Lisa always puts the care and well-being of the dogs first and she soon became a friend. Benson loves to swim with Lisa and is always happy to enjoy a nice massage after! Thanks again Lisa, without you I don’t think Benson would love swimming like he does now.

  13. My dog Paddy has being going to hydrotherapy every week for 3 years. He loves jumping in and would go for hours if we let him. I recently introduced my other dog, Minnie, to hydro She wasn’t very keen at first but with the patience of the staff she is now just as obsessed with swimming as Paddy! Even though my dogs don’t have a medical condition, hydrotherapy is a great form of fun and exercise and a fantastic way to maintain general fitness levels.

  14. I started taking my Springer Spaniel, Molly, to hydrotherapy when she was first diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in her elbows. Lisa and her team always give Molly lots of attention as soon as she arrives, making her feel comfortable and happy in her surroundings. They take the time to introduce Molly slowly to each aspect of hydrotherapy, as her wellbeing is their priority.

    Molly’s limp vastly improved since starting hydrotherapy as this helped to strengthen her muscles around her elbows without any impact on her joints. Swimming is a great form of exercise for Molly as it is low impact and helps to build her confidence in the water. The team always strive to provide the best possible service with dietary recommendations and any other useful advice and tips that are beneficial for Molly’s condition. It is evident that this is not just a job for the hydrotherapy team, as they obviously love what they do and care passionately about dogs. I cannot recommend them highly enough as their enthusiasm and passion for hydrotherapy reflects in their friendly and positive attitude, whilst the hydrotherapy itself is doing wonders for Molly’s limp.

    Lisa’s passion and enthusiasm for dogs is obvious from the moment you meet her. She works extremely hard and everything she does and recommends is for the dog’s benefit and welfare. As Lisa is qualified in canine massage she suggested that Molly would benefit from this as, due to her osteoarthritis, she had pulled muscles from redistributing her weight when limping. Lisa let Molly explore the room first so that she would feel comfortable in her surroundings before encouraging her to lie down for a massage. Molly responded really well to her massage and absolutely loved it. As Lisa performed the massage, she explained everything she was doing and how it worked, and released any muscles that were locked. Lisa also provided me with lots of aftercare advice and tips on how to massage Molly at home. Lisa goes above and beyond her job role every time I see her, and is always happy to answer any questions or suggest improvements to increase Molly’s quality of life. Molly loves her massages as they give her relief from any muscles pain and she loves all the fuss and attention she gets from Lisa.

    Overall, I would encourage all dog owners to take their dogs to hydrotherapy and treat them to a massage because the health benefits are amazing, the dogs love it and it really does help to enhance their quality of life. I cannot fault Lisa and Abbie, who are all clearly dog lovers. They are amazing people, who are passionate and driven to provide an excellent service. This is not just a business for them, it is a job they love, which is reflected in the quality of service, and makes canine hydrotherapy and massage a great experience for both dog and owner.

  15. I took my Golden Retriever Holly for hydrotherapy and canine massage, as she had cruciate ligament problems. The hydrotherapy session lasted 20 minutes and she really enjoyed playing and swimming in the water.
    During the massage I was amazed at the increase in her range of motion, and have noticed a remarkable improvement in Holly’s quality of life.
    I wholeheartedly endorse the services provided by Lisa and Abbie due to the increased vitality of my beloved pet.

  16. Thank you for all your help with Rusty. We adopted Rusty who is a very boisterous Lab Cross as a Rescue in July from Cheshire Dogs Home and after a few weeks we realised that he needed more than just basic dog training to expend some of his energy. After some looking we were advised that Hydro Therapy (swimming) might be just the ticket to drain some of this excess energy. We booked him in for his first session and soon found out to our amazement that a dog who comes from a breed that loves to swim and also loves to splash about in metal bowls of water was actually scarred of water. However with your help and patience over the next few weeks we were not only able to get him into the water but he now actively enjoys his swims to the point of walking into the pool and looking to pick up the toys floating in the water and carrying them while swimming.
    Obviously there is still a long way to go however there has been a huge improvement.

  17. We would like to thank all of the girls at the for all of their care, concern and professionalism over the past year with special thanks to Lisa Holland who has shown considerable interest in the welfare of our German Shepherd Dog, Ella.
    Ella is now 11 years old, a good age for a GSD, and began to look and act much older some eighteen months ago. She suffers from Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia, typical for her breed. It was suggested to us by our vet that perhaps she would benefit from Hydrotherapy. It has been a wonderful experience for Ella and definitely given her a new lease of life. Added to this Lisa also took Ella on as a case-study when she was completing her course in ‘massage’ and this has proved to be most beneficial.
    We can recommend both Hydrotherapy and Massage and shall certainly maintain it for Ella and any dog we have in the future.

  18. Jasper, my 10 year old chocolate Labrador started his swimming sessions after being diagnosed with arthritis and having a cruciate ligament operation. He started off with a few minutes in the water per session and after a few months he had made so much progress he can now swim for 20 minutes per session. His mobility has improved massively and I am certain that this is due to his swimming and he absolutely loves his swims, he is so happy swimming. I trusted Lisa 100 per cent to take care of him in the water and to build a swimming program to suit his specific needs. Lisa always came across as professional, experienced and competent. I am just so glad that I started his swims with Lisa, it has made a real difference to his quality of life.

  19. My dog Sam has been swimming since he was 4 months old. he loves it even though Corgis are not renowned for being water dogs! It just goes to show that if you start them young enough they love it! It builds up their confidence, exercises them without putting unnecessary strains on their young joints and bones, builds up muscle tone and keeps their hearts healthy.
    we get almost as wet as Sam because he gets so carried away swimming out to retrieve his toy and then coming back out to shake while waiting for the hydro girls to throw it again. God forbid he ever needs hydrotherapy for medical reasons in the future, but should he do so, at least we know that he will be happy to swim. Our previous Corgi was not so fortunate and when the time came that he needed hydrotherapy it was too late, his heart was too weak and he hated the water too much.
    If you were to ask Sam what the best bit about swimming was, he would be torn between the fun side of retrieving/swimming and the shampoo/showering off at the end, followed by the drying down. Sam loves the total experience.

  20. A year ago my collie, Dylan, developed arthritis in his spine. He went from being a happy lively dog to one who, despite conventional and alternative medication, found even the shortest walk an endurance test. A colleague said a friend’s dog had benefited from hydrotherapy, so we gave it a try. The staff were very good at putting Dylan at his ease and the sessions were fun. Soon we found that the days following treatment Dylan was his old self, enthusiastic about his walks and more playful at home. Initially he required the hydrotherapy weekly for the improvement to be maintained, then fortnightly.

  21. Jordi is a German Shepherd wit Hip Dysplasia so my vet recommend i took Jordi swimming. Lisa and Abbie how run the swims, ensures that Jordi has a good workout without over doing it and has plenty of fun so that the swimming is not something scary but an enjoyable experience. Although i think Jordi enjoys getting everyone soaked the most!!! It is definitely helping Jordi with her Hip Dysplasia and i have certainly noticed a difference when she does miss a session.
    Overall, i would definitely recommend to anyone whose dog requires hydrotherapy to give Healthy Hounds a try. the facilities are excellent and the staff are very friendly and helpful. Most of all, though is how they treat your dog during those sessions. Jordi’s introduction to swimming was done slowly and gradually so that it was not something that would frighten her and make her afraid of the water. her initial lessons were carefully structured to build her muscles up without overtiring her and the staff made sure that we understood what the exercises were doing for Jordi and how they would help her deal with her Hip Dysplasia.
    I enjoy taking Jordi swimming and i think that Jordi enjoys it as well and that is what matters the most.

  22. I have used Lisa and her hydrotherapy service for over 9 years. My first dobermann suffered from a condition called Wobblers and Lisa ensured that the rehabilitation phase after his operation was fantastic.
    She talked me through the programme we would follow to build up his strength and explained fully the benefits of hydrotherapy for his Post Op Care. Within a few months my dobermann was back to full health thanks to Lisa’s patience and professionalism.
    I have also used hydrotherapy for fun and fitness for my other 2 dobermanns especially when they were young puppies. As large breed dogs the amount of exercise has to be minimal due to bone growth etc. Hydro was a fantastic way of burning that puppy energy whilst not putting any pressure on their baby joints. Both of my guys were not too keen on the water at first but they grew to trust Lisa and she ensured that they had a great time in the water, but most of all were tired at the end of the session.

    Lisa has massaged all my dogs over the last few months. She is patient, kind and professional. I thought my youngest dobermann who was only 12 months old would not settle or relax for the massage, but Lisa ensured that she took the time and patience to make her feel comfortable and ensured that she had a pleasant experience.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Lisa’s hydrotherapy and massage service to anyone. She is professional, completely committed to what she does and puts the pets needs first.

  23. Following a cruciate ligament operation Meg spent months on the lead and I despaired of her ever having full use of her back leg again. I booked Meg in for a series of Hydrotherapy treatments and massage with Lisa and was delighted with the results. Lisa was gentle, patient and encouraging and her knowledge and experience meant that Meg was back running off the lead after a few weeks of treatment. I would highly recommend this for any dog who needs to build strength. Meg absolutely loved it too!

  24. I brought my Rottie Rex for hydrotherapy and massage.He had many sessions of swimming and a few of the massage. Rex has a ruptured cruciate and we looked into the swimming to help build up his muscles and the massage to help with any sprains. After only a few sessions of swimming we noticed a massive difference in Rex, he had an awful limp before he started, his limp was barely noticeable a few sessions in. The massage was wonderful and Rex really enjoyed it. Lisa was great with Rex and he loved being fussed over. Lisa was fantastic at getting him to work with her. Overall the swim and massage has brought his recovery on leaps and bounds and he is getting back to the old Rex now.

  25. We were very pleased with the caring way our dog who has hip dysplasia was handled. Once in the pool although he looked apprehensive he was encouraged to swim, which within a few minutes he looked like he was really enjoying it.

  26. We brought Kujo to Lisa and Abbie, after noticing he was having difficulty getting in the car and up the stairs as a result of his arthritis. He is nine now and hadn’t swam for eight years, but they were patient with him and gradually allowed him to start enjoying swimming. Within weeks Kujo’s mobility had improved greatly, allowing him to get in the car without assistance and was back to running up the stairs two at a time, like he had done before.
    Lisa also suggested we begin him on massage therapy to compliment the swimming. Kujo was easily aggravated at first by any massaging on his muscles and joints from previous experiences, but Lisa was again very patient with him. Instead of forcing him into massages, she gradually re-introduced massaging and allowed him to trust her when working on his joints and muscles. In addition to the therapy Lisa has offered, she has also provided us with many useful tips to do at home, to ease any pain and improve Kujo’s mobility.
    He is genuinely more active since his hydrotherapy and massage therapy and has not shown signs of pain from his arthritis as he used to.
    I would highly recommend Lisa and Abbie for both hydrotherapy and massage therapy as she has helped Kujo so much.

  27. Just wanted to say thank you so much for Milo’s new lease of life. Twelve months ago, after his spinal injury, he couldn’t walk unaided, and he didn’t like water. The prognosis was not good, with a 50/50 chance of paralysis.
    Your caring nature, patience and persistence with the hydrotherapy has paid off. He can now walk and run on his own and he loves coming for his swims. Thank you so much it’s not just your job, you really do care and it makes such a difference.
    From the bottom of my heart thanks again for giving Milo his independence back. He now swims for fun and loves his buddies, Lisa & Abbie xxx

    Vikki Paul

  28. Dora, our 15 month old American Bulldog had suffered with ligament and joint problems. After several invasive operations we were on a long road to recovery and no exercise for a young bouncy girl was very difficult not only for her, but for us to watch. Hydrotherapy was recommended by our vet and after the initial shock of the water Dora progressed well and thoroughly enjoyed her sessions. She is now able to enjoy short fun, filled walks and we have been able to avoid further surgery which we feel is attributable to the benefits of hydro. A great way to exercise and help strengthen joints! Thanks for all the hard work, support and commitment from the staff.

    Elaine and Dora from Bolton

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